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The proof of Mr. Kojima Ph.D.: Japanese do have humor, black humor!

… this was the official exam review of advanced micro, enjoy:

„About 80 showed up for the exam. I set the pass threshold at 60 points.
19 people got less than 30. I think we can rule out this number from
those who seriously intend to get the credit of this course.
Then, it’s safely to say 28 failed and 31 passed. Good percentage, it seems.
What do you think?

Lots of those who counted on photographic memory have turned out to
bite the dust, which I had prophesied beforehand.
Relying on the ability, paranormal I should day, they don’t have,
they failed to memorize fully and mistook symbols, in/equality signs,
or continuity and local nonsatiation.
I relentlessly and gleefully punished those who had tried that and revealed
their logical inconsistency.
If they had been humble enough to try to understand theories with efforts
required, they couldn’t have make such mistakes
because somewhere they should have noticed their mistakes.
Also, these folks often gave just equations with very little explanation
despite all my warning. Again, I penalized them with mirth.

If you ask for my explanation for your exam script, beforehand
examine carefully your answers and the correct ones in the textbook.

In grading, I gave no points to those who tried memorizing but failed and
showed their lack of logical coherence.

Never come to me to negotiate your grade because you failed by a little.
I’ll kick you out. I graded generously enough.

You mustn’t come to seem me, saying you wrote what’s written in the textbook.
I gave a warning that you must write everything needing more
than straightforward calculation.
Besides, if the textbook’s explanation wad enough,
I needn’t have given a lecture in the first place. (Annotation: Which lecture?)

Folks, there is no royal road to success. Except for humble swot.
At least, for mediocre men like me.
Good luck

For those who are still struggling to get the 60 points in the retake exam we have found some great notes on microeconomic theory at:

Nolan Miller makes Mas-Collell more graspable